The ootopia that can save us from the global collapse

Cover headline: “The (constant) angst in the face of the apocalypse.”

It is on the cover of all newspapers, we are heading towards a total environmental collapse.
What was once a warning from the scientific community has now become a bar conversation because the fire is getting closer and closer.

This means that all over the world people are realizing the gravity of the planetary crisis and understanding that if we do nothing to fix the problems we cause, it will soon be our species that is also at risk of extinction.

Article by G1 / BBC 12/10/2020

If you have already realized this you are likely to feel anxious and afraid in the face of so much bad news and predictions of a disastrous future.
You may feel helpless and think: what can I do in the face of global problems?

I also felt that way until I decided to go after what I could do to help. That’s when I discovered that there are a lot of people doing beautiful things to recover our planet, we just don’t realize it because all this work hardly appears in the newspapers and social networks. And why not?
Shouldn’t news about solutions be more outstanding than news about tragedies?

That’s how I came to the conclusion about one of the most important things we need to do to leverage change: we need to value and give visibility to the people and actions that are doing good for the planet to inspire more people to do that.
Because promoting the regenerative movement will make many other people feel inspired and come to believe that it is possible to heal the planet if everyone contributes by doing their part.
And who wants to be part of the problem when you can be part of the solution?

This way, if in addition to you and me, many other people get excited and join the movement, we will form a critical mass that will inevitably change the world!

That is why we are creating OOTOPIA, a platform to unite everyone who wants to feel part of the solution, who wants to help in the regeneration of the planet, who wants a better future!
Imagine if you opened your Netflix account and it showed only the movies and series that you would love to see.
Imagine if you scroll your Instagram feed and only beautiful and inspiring things came up about how we can make the world a better place.
OOTOPIA is this and much more!

In practice, OOTOPIA is an app that converges and aggregates everyone who is doing sustainable and regenerative actions in an ethical and positive social network for good.

Forget The Social Dilemma! OOTOPIA will not use your data to sell ads to large corporations that exploit people and the planet.

At OOTOPIA you will only find posts, videos, lives, etc., that will animate and inspire you. And even better, the coolest subjects turn into Learning Journeys in which you can learn how to have a much more sustainable and natural lifestyle and how to start including regenerative actions in your daily life such as conscious consumption, urban gardening, vegetarian and vegan recipes, and a much more.

And so that you feel even more encouraged to evolve in your regenerative journey, your learnings in OOTOPIA become credits in OOz, a social currency that you will be able to be used in the marketplace to buy and exchange sustainable products helping the economy of good.

This is all part of a game in which everyone wins, us, and the planet!
Are you curious to know the OOTOPIA app?

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